Monica Michael LPC | 5 TED Talks To Help You Transform Panic And Anxiety Monica Michael
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05 Mar 5 TED Talks To Help You Transform Panic And Anxiety Monica Michael

Panic attacks and anxiety disrupt daily living. In the United States, over 40 million adults suffer from various anxiety disorders. Anxiety sufferers tend to avoid social situations, call in sick to work, miss school, or make frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Finding new ways to combat panic and anxiety promotes a healthier state of well-being. One of the latest tools to help yourself or a loved one is TED Talks videos.

5 TED Talks Videos to Help with Anxiety and Panic

Less than 18 minutes in length, every TED Talks video provides terrific insight into the anxiety and panic disorders. Each video features people who overcome the daily challenges of living with anxieties to live the best life possible. Using a variety of strategies and processes, the speakers share personal stories and techniques to transform your life.

1. Breaking the Loop of Anxiety by Colin Bien

In the video, Colin Bien focuses on daily routines to conquer his anxieties and eliminate panic. By acknowledging and controlling his worries, he can control his fear. The structured approach allows Bien to live a better life.

2. Taming Your Wondering Mind by Amishi Jha

When suffering from anxiety, your mind wanders to numerous stimuli. Amishi Jha teaches techniques to train your brain to pay close attention to specific information. The method eliminates unnecessary distractions. The process helps reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Keeping your focus improves your ability to face daily tasks without stress and worry.

3. How to Stop Your Thoughts from Controlling Your Life by Albert Hobohm

The speaker, Albert Hobohm, shares his journey with anxiety. He uses his background with business, religion, and psychology to develop a healthier mind set.. Hobohm’s past experiences are a valuable tool for controlling his reality. His hands-on solutions are helpful for anyone suffering anxieties. When you manage your thoughts, you focus on the immediate task.

4. The Funny Side of Fear-Conquering Anxiety through Comedy by Daniel Hardman

In the video, Daniel Hardman shares valuable lessons. He uses his past experiences with amateur comedy and studying neuroscience. Drawing from his journey, Hardman shares how immediately facing your fears and anxieties lead to self-awareness.

5. Bite-Sized Mindfulness: An Easy Way for Kids to be Happy and Healthy by Kira Willey

A Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner, Kira Willey, shares simple techniques to help children improve school performance. The basic kid-friendly exercises are valuable mindfulness techniques for anyone suffering from anxieties. The methods focus on assisting children to self-manage their own emotions and behavior. The process of self-discipline reduces anxiety and shifts the focus to completing the task.

Every speaker in the videos has real-life. Use the TED Talks videos as a personal tool to conquer your fears. The insightful talks offer concrete, actionable solutions to help you or a loved one to gain control over anxieties and panic attacks.

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