Monica Michael LPC | 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the COVID-19 Homeschooler
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05 Jan 10 Do’s and Don’ts for the COVID-19 Homeschooler

Things to Remember

1. Your attitude about learning is contagious.
2. Your ultimate goal is to infect your children with a positive attitude about learning and enthusiasm for solving life’s challenges.
3. Relax. Trust that your children will catch your vibe. Eventually.
4. Making progress each day is far more important than completing every assignment.
5. Consistently practicing the Do’s below will cause the Don’ts to fade away on their own.

Do’s Don’ts
* Keep it simple – address one subject at a time. * Stack up all the work on the table at once.
* Post a daily to-do list. Check off completed items. * Rant about everything that needs to be done.
* Teach Kitchen Math. Double and triple recipes. * Restrict lessons to book work.
* Motivate – encouraging words go a long way. * Castigate – negativity, and anxiety sap energy.
* Schedule multiple short lessons over time. * Demand marathon study sessions.
* Teach your child life skills. * Teach facts only.
* Be the audience – let them teach you or a younger sibling what the skills they are learning. * Lecture – you’ll quickly begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.
* Make it fun – use board games, puzzles, yard games to teach thinking, math, spatial skills. * Rely on textbooks and worksheets.
* Take note of how your child learns. * Insist they learn the same way you learn.
* Emphasize each day’s progress.. * Don’t insist on perfection – for you or your kids!

Monica Michael is a professional counselor, neurofeedback specialist, and adjunct professor of psychology. Monica has 26 years experience homeschooling her four children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Monica also has experience teaching in a Montessori education environment. What she prizes most about her homeschooling experience is the opportunity she had to teach her children to be life-long learners.

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