Monica Michael LPC | Addressing ADHD
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ADHD: A Dynamic Perspective

Since the 1970s several things have remained constant about what professionals think about ADHD and how we treat it. There have been a number of significant changes as well, including amazing advances in technology. Computer software is now available that can train your brain to learn better self-regulation. This new technology is helping to change the face of ADHD and other mental disorders!

Brain Training (or neurofeedback) may help put you back in control of your life. If you’re like the 1 in 4 who find the side effects from stimulant meds intolerable or ineffective, a brain training program could possibly be just the non-invasive, alternative approach you have been looking for. Call today.


  • 90% of those currently diagnosed at least try stimulants
  • Stimulant drugs are best used in conjunction with counseling
  • Many parents and children are opposed to drug interventions
  • Intolerable side effects from ADHD drugs impact up to 25% of the population

Key Changes

  • The rate of ADHD is increasing at epidemic proportions
  • The range of ADHD diagnoses has spread to include preschoolers through adults
  • Stimulant drugs do not cure the problem
  • Today’s technology provides objective data for more accurate diagnosis and better approaches for addressing the issues.
Exercise your brain to optimize your fight against ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and more!